About 3103 Communications

Who we are…

3103 Communications is a Perth-based business that came into being in 2013 with a single goal: ‘To help everyone conquer the digital world.” Founded by Kim Maslin, an Entrepreneur, Educator, Cybersafety Expert and Social Media Enthusiast; she is most importantly a ‘digital native’ who grew up with the Internet and has been around social media for the better part of her life. Her expertise in communications is an added advantage that helps her understand and connect with user habits better. Moreover, her educational background, includes 1st Class Honours in Communication Studies from the University of Western Australia, a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, she also holds three Apple Certificates, Connect.ed eSafety certification and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Her professional journey has seen her work as an ICT Support Specialist, where she worked for three years before moving into Community Relations & Development for a further three years. She later worked as a Technologies Teacher and Digital Learning Integrator. Kim understands both the rewards of digital literacy and the cyber safety risks involved. Through the 3103 Communications initiative, she provides the perfect platform to integrate what the community requires with her passions and expertise.


Who we are for…

Whether you’re young and want to explore the digital advantages you have to boost your career with, are middle-aged and want to keep pace with your tech savvy kids or are older and want to figure out what the fuss is all about, we are just for you!


What we do:

The Digital World is a dicey place to be in. While it does offer ease, the package comes with a price: a host of security concerns. Thus, starting with basic digital literacy skills, we at 3103 Communications empower users to safely and effectively use today’s ever-changing technologies. Our current specialisations include expertise in Internet and social media usage, with the primary focus being on cybersafety. We achieve this through the following:

  • Presentations & Seminars
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • One-on-one training sessions
  • Online educational resources
  • Cyber-Savvy Parenting Program
  • School Consultations

What we stand for:


We are passionate about what we do. From Facebook to iPhones, we love to explore, learn and teach everything there is to know about digital communications.


Only by asking ourselves “how can we do this better?” are we able to grow, develop and innovate. This is the question we ask ourselves before undertaking any task.


Why do it if it isn’t fun? Our enthusiasm is infectious and embedded throughout everything we do, from presentations to training sessions.



No point complaining unless you’re going to do something about it. Our whole approach to digital communications is guided by the goal of seeking out solutions for you.


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