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Conquering the Digital World occurs when the best use of technologies is being made. For this to happen, it takes education and communication. Our ultimate goal, here at 3103 Communications, is to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to safely navigate your child through the online world. Please enjoy our free resources – we update regularly to ensure we are providing you with the most relevant and topical news and information.

Responding to the Australian teenage pornography ring

By now, you have probably heard the disgusting story regarding an online Facebook group pornography ring established by school boys in Australia. It came to light that sexual images of students from over 70 schools in Australia had been put up on the site. These... read more

Is Spotify Safe for Kids?

The music streaming service of Spotify has captured many an imagination. Requiring users to set up their account on the site using either their Gmail id or their Facebook accounts, Spotify offers free, unlimited and premium plans, and is a great source of music for... read more

Scary new trend in cyberbullying: Identity theft

As the Internet becomes more accessible to a wide range of people, the number of online dangers is rising. A scary new trend now emerging is the way kids as young as ten years are being bullied. These attacks happen not on via the bullies’ own accounts, but through... read more

Protecting Kids Online: Insight from MomSecure

Last month, I fortunate to be able to chat with the team at MomSecure. Concerned about the risks children face when accessing the internet, the MomSecure team have developed an app to aid parents by filtering and blocking unwanted sites and media from their... read more

Why is it important to learn to touch type?

It’s an IT-rich world out there! With an increasing number of schools moving their learning resources online, and relying on devices like laptops for learning, there is a growing reliance on the keyboard. And while using a keyboard may appear relatively easy, bad... read more

Email etiquette for kids

Although kids appear to spend all their time communicating via social media apps like SnapChat and WhatsApp, email continues to be the most important tool for formal communication. In particular, when communicating with teachers. However, with kids so used to using... read more

Dr Marny Lishman on Teens and Social Media

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Dr Marny Lishman about her thoughts regarding teens and social media. Dr Lishman is a Health & Community Psychologist who specialises in helping people reduce their stress and anxiety. In what ways do you... read more

A Cyber Safety Game-Changer

Technology is suppose to make our lives easier. But more often than not, technology – Internet, smartphones, social media, etc – can cause more problems for families than it solves. There’s more for parents to worry about, to monitor, and greater... read more

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