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Did you know research has found teenagers use an average of 9 hours of media daily (, and that doesn’t even include time for school or homework!? With all this time connected, a number of risks can arise – online predators, addiction, cyberbullying and viewing inappropriate content, just to name a few! As a parent or educator, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with these latest trends and technologies – particularly if you are not feeling overly cyber-savvy to begin with.

3103 Communications has developed a number of different solutions to help equip parents, guardians, community groups and schools with the skills and knowledge they need to safely navigate their children through the digital world.

Take Back Control

Manage your child’s internet access for peace of mind about what they are doing online.

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Educate Yourself

Join our innovative online cybersafety program for parents.

Get the eBook

Download our practical cybersafety parenting guide from Amazon.

Face-to-face Learning

Book us for a hands-on presentation or workshop for your school/community group.

Curriculum Development

Contact us to discuss digital citizenship/cybersafety curriculum development for your school.

Thank you for your very well presented session for Mercedes College parents yesterday evening. Being not too far from the generation of our students, you brought a unique insight into the online world of teenagers.  Thank you for sharing your research in schools also.  The information provided and booklets made available to parents give actionable strategies for use with their daughters. I’d have no hesitation in recommending your services to other schools.
Paul Reid

Director of Learning Technology, Mercedes College, Western Australia

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