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More information about who we are can be found on our About page.

Who can benefit from 3103 communications?

Our services are designed to benefit parents, schools, community groups and business owners. They are all designed to help clients improve their skills at using computers, the Internet and social media.

What services does 3103 Communications offer?

Our services range from Internet-based (such as eBooks), to workshops and seminars, to one-on-one training sessions. We schedule regular workshops throughout the year, but are also available to be booked to present at your school, community group or workplace. To arrange a booking, please contact us.

I’m interested in your workshops and would like access to tutorials and information. What should I do?

That’s great! While no future dates have been set for 2016 workshops, we will update our website to let you know. If you wish to be notified straight away, you can join our mailing list.

Cyber-Savvy Parenting Initiative

What is the Cyber-Savvy Parenting Initiative?

With a growing number of kids now online, the Cyber-Savvy Parenting Initiative is a branch of 3103 Communications that has been created to provide a platform that is 100% focused on educating parents about cybersafety, and how to keep their children safe online. Under the Cyber-Savvy Parenting umbrella we currently have a Facebook Page, an eBook and Cybersafety workshops and presentations. We are also in the process of developing a Cyber-Savvy Parenting program. This is going to revolutionise the way parents are educated on cybersafety issues. To find out more, please click here.

Is this initiative only for parents with no knowledge of the Internet or is it for others as well?

While many parents do use Internet and some amount of social media, the technology scene is growing at an exponential rate. Kids are faster at adapting and are easily susceptible to online crime. While having a good knowledge of the Internet is a great place to start, having cybersafety practical information is what is imperative and 3103 provides just that.

I’m a parent concerned about my child using the Internet. How can I keep them safe?

A child-parent discussion is an ideal thing to do. Talk to them about what makes you uncomfortable. But before you do that, do gather as much information possible about the social media dangers. Our blog provides a range of free resources on a range of cybersafety topics that is updated regularly. We can help in a number of ways too, and do our best to offer a range of affordable solutions that cater to all learning styles. We also have an eBook for sale on Amazon, “Cyber-Savvy Parenting: Keep Your Children Safe Online in 7 Easy Steps”. We run regular workshops that parents in Perth, Western Australia – keep an eye out on our website for upcoming dates. We are also available to be booked to present at schools, parenting groups, or community groups. Contact us if you wish to discuss further.

For Businesses

We are a small business that would like a customised training session that helps us use social media to benefit our company’s goals. Do you offer these?

We do specialise in providing customised training sessions and have expertise in social media training. Please email us your requirements at kim@3103communications.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We live in another city. What geographical areas do you cater to with your programs?

While we are based in Perth, we do conduct programs in regional Western Australia upon request. However if you live in another state or even another country, do not hesitate to get in touch. We do conduct online training sessions as well.

I’d like to receive updates regarding any upcoming workshops for businesses. Do you conduct them regularly?

Yes, we do! Email us your details and do join our mailing list to get updated information.

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