Introducing the Cyber-Savvy Parenting Program

A Community for Cybersafety Education

Welcome to Parenting in the Digital Age!

Parenting in the 21st century is no walk in the park. It’s more like a trek through an ever-changing digital landscape. As a parent, how can you keep up with all the posting, liking, snapping and following that your child engages with each day? How can you be sure that they are staying safe and forming happy and healthy friendships online?

Our innovative, Australian-first program is designed to assist you with staying on top of cyber-risks by providing you with relevant, customised and on-going education designed to be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

Program Overview

The Cyber-Savvy Parenting Program addresses all the issues parents are most concerned about when it comes to internet safety. We have cut through the noise, to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant information parents of tweens need to know. The program is self-paced, caters to all skill levels and incorporates a range of online and offline components. Often, parents can feel overwhelmed by everything there is to know about the cybersafety, but this program is designed to make learning simple and accessible.

The program includes:

  • 6 Online Learning Modules: over 3 hours of content! Topics covered – digital devices, viewing online content, gaming & social networking, cyberbullies, online stranger danger and digital footprint. Learning modules include video lessons, learning activities and quizzes
  • Consultation Time: book your own consultation session with cybersafety educator and program founder, Kim Maslin to discuss individual cybersafety strategies for your family
  • Q&A Forum: have all your questions answered quickly and directly
  • Facebook Parent Community Group: access to a private online community where you can communicate with other parents who are going through the same challenges you are, as well as keep up-to-date on new issues and trends as they emerge
  • Skills Hub: access to our regularly updated video and text tutorials designed to help you improve your own digital technology skills
  • Parent Guides: download our extensive range of parent guides that summarise the features and risks of common social media sites, apps and games
  • Parent Meet-ups/Workshops: all members will receive invitations to parent meet-ups and cybersafety workshops, held in Perth, Western Australia
  • 24/7 access to the Online Learning Portal: learn in your own home, at your own pace
Who should join?

Any parent committed to keeping their children safe as they grow up in the world of digital devices, the Internet and social media are encouraged to join. The content of the program is designed to address the issues that arise as tweens (aged 8 to 12) begin to use digital technologies. We believe that if parents begin cybersafety education early, they will be able to create good digital habits in their household before their children hit the ‘turbulent teen’ years!

Members come from all around the world. Our online components can be accessed by most devices with an Internet connection. One-on-one consultations are available through phone or Skype, and time differences are taken into consideration. Please note that at this stage, workshops and meet-ups are only being held in Perth, Western Australia.

Payment Info

To become a member of the Cyber-Savvy Parenting program a monthly subscription is required. This payment is made using PayPal Express – a secure online payment method. Once paid, you can access to all components of the program.

This means that over the course of the coming weeks, months and years you will access to all the content currently available PLUS any new online videos, tutorials, fact sheets and features that are added to address emerging trends and risks.

Basically, this is an on-going, small investment that secures your cybersafety education for the next 5+ years!

Note: once you have paid for the program you can cancel at anytime, however no refunds are available. Please also note that you are paying for single user access – accounts are not to be shared between multiple people, nor is content to be shared beyond the program without permission. 

Join Now

Level Price  
Cyber-Savvy Parenting Program $3.95 per Month. Select

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