Last month, I fortunate to be able to chat with the team at MomSecure. Concerned about the risks children face when accessing the internet, the MomSecure team have developed an app to aid parents by filtering and blocking unwanted sites and media from their child’s devices. They provided some insight into what they felt the biggest risks facing parents in the 21st century were…

What do you think is the biggest cyber safety risks for children at the moment?

We believe the lack of due diligence that parents may have, due to many reasons. This could be lack of time, knowledge and sadly in some cases, false sense of security (“this would never happen in our family syndrome”). In this era of technology and smart devices, the Internet can be used as a wonderful resource for kids to help them learn and interact with others, but with benefit there are also risks.

Some specific risks we believe we must be most mindful of are:

  • Sexual Predators – While sexual predators have targeted children in chat rooms, they migrate to wherever young people go online. More predators are now scouring social networking sites on a day to day basis.
  • Inappropriate Material Exposure- This may be material that is pornographic, hateful or violent in nature; that encourages activities that are dangerous or illegal; or that is just age-inappropriate or biased.

What is MomSecure, and why was it developed?

MomSecure was created as a tool for parents to police the enrolled devices 24X7. Making sure that children are shield from content that otherwise they could access but shouldn’t. Momsecure is a premium service for online safety. It is a service that we enable on your Kid’s tablet or phone to restrict access and exposure specific content. MomSecure provides a unique level of customisation and protection with the help of our certified professionals that utilise industry approved ratings of apps, games and content.

The MomSecure service is designed to create a unique and safe environment for children so that they can use technology safely and to educate parents on emerging vulnerabilities of online exposure so that they can proactively protect their kids.

Technology is changing every moment and our service is committed to the task of protecting our children’s innocence 24X7

What is your number one advice to parents?

When it comes to Internet safety, there’s no substitute for parental supervision. The best safeguard against online dangers is being informed. You don’t have to be an expert to have a handle on your child’s online world. MomSecure services can safeguard your children’s device with the help of our certified security agents who will put the appropriate safeguards and restrictions in place to protect your children.

The digital age doesn’t have to be dangerous or overwhelming. Protect every aspect of your children’s digital life with MomSecure.

Thanks, MomSecure for taking the time to share your insights. You can find out more about the MomSecure app here –

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